A real burger!

BBQ Season Part 1: Burgers

Now that summer has seemed to have finally reared its head in this Great Britain of ours and across the Northern Hemisphere, the smell of lit BBQs is filling the air down almost every street. Men across the country who would never usually dream of cooking will push everyone out of the way to get a chance to play chef. This can show in the food, and … [Read More...]

Come and get cheesy with us!

What’s your favourite cheese?

When discussing the concept of this article it became clear there is a distinction between your favourite cheese and the cheese you simply can’t do without. Let me explain… Once I was asked what my favourite film was, it seemed easy – Bladerunner. But when it was added it would be to only film I keep and watch forever it changed instantly. My … [Read More...]

Hot vs. hotter!

Jane-Tira Thai Street Food, Soho – review

As a big fan of Thai food I had to seek out Jane-Tira as the reviews I had read all spoke of how delicious and authentic the food is. Having grown up with the British pub version of Thai food, my love for it grew even more once I actually visited Thailand and ate the food there. I ate in some very fancy places in Bangkok and on the Island of … [Read More...]

Food in the news

Food in the news @ April 13th

Welcome to this weeks edition of food in the news. I have trawled through the internet to find you the best and possibly the most ridiculous food and drink related stories. You lucky people! So enjoy these little glimmering gems of news… Expired foods RIP Seems like we’ve been throwing things out a bit too fast, and a lot of the use by … [Read More...]

Enjoy! (Yogurt required)

Naga lamb curry – recipe

This recipe uses the Naga Jolokia chilli (the clues in the name!) otherwise known as the Ghost pepper. For those that don’t know, the Naga chilli is the hottest chilli on the planet. To put that in perspective it is over 400 times hotter than Tabasco! This means the dish I am about to share with you is hot…Very hot. I love hot spicy … [Read More...]


What’s your favourite holiday food?

These days most of us city dwellers can get our hands on almost any ingredient. That makes cooking what we love simple. But when you're on holiday it's not just a change of scenery, it's a gastronomic adventure! Being on holiday also seems to make most people a little more adventurous (no not it that way!). They will eat foods they wouldn’t … [Read More...]

Superb pork loin

The Ambrette, Rye – review

Lucky me being at the seaside last weekend, I do like to get out of London and hit the beach when I can. I was with my partner and her sister’s family in Camber Sands in East Sussex. After a boozy lunch in the hotel we were staying at and a very, very long walk on the beach in the afternoon, we met up again in the early evening. My … [Read More...]

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