A friend once told me, ‘Eating is the most beautiful thing you can do.’ I was on a diet at the time and this sort of wisdom was not well received. In retrospect though, I agree. Food is magical in the way it can be combined to create different flavours and textures. One of my favourite things to do is eat out and though I try to limit myself to one dinner out a week, sometimes it’s more. Why? Because at home, I am stuck in a foodie rut.

Working full time and commuting an hour each way is a sure-fire way to zap any motivation to go culinary crazy when I reach dinner time. I might get on the train buzzing with ideas of recipes I can try, but by the time I arrive in front of the fridge, the inspiration has gone, replaced with a desire to find something fast and filling.

This all came to a head last week when I found myself tucking into toast for supper. It was time for me to broaden my gastronomic horizon, so I went looking for cookery classes.

It’s truly amazing the breadth of things you can learn of an evening. There were courses to show me how to prepare foods like fish or chicken or even how to butcher a pig for sausages; there were lessons in cooking specific dishes like a Sunday roast; and I found tutors willing to show me how to create the super-trendy cupcake.

Then there were the courses I found that would show me how to cook cuisine from all over the globe – India, Japan, France, Spain and even Angola. There were niche cookery courses too – like cooking on campus for uni’ students and macrobiotic cooking. There was even one in London that promised to show me how to make a wedding cake in just two days!

What began as a determined search had turned into an excited debate about which to do – there are so many! I’m now weighing up my options but I am determined to sign up for one. With a menu of courses like this, I will definitely be coming back for dessert!

If you fancy taking a foodie course, check out Hotcourses for more ideas.

Bio – Jade O’Donoghue is a Londoner with a massive sweet tooth. She is also the web and social media editor of the UK’s number one course database, Hotcourses. ‘Like’ their new Hotcourses Foodie Facebook page for the best deals straight to your newsfeed.

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