How to make French toast

photo credit: jeffreyw via photopin cc

Breakfast has many choices so don’t make do with a bowl of cereal or feel you have to have  a complete blow out with a full English. Treat yourself to a classic breakfast dish which is far easier to make than people think. French toast (also known by its less romantic name “eggy bread”) is a … [Read more...]

How to cook a perfect omelette

Simple but delicious!

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients, natures magic little orbs that add so much to our cooking experience. Most eggs in the UK are emblazoned with the British Lion Mark as a guarantee of quality. They are a fantastic ingredient in lots of recipes but I love them as a stand alone … [Read more...]

Smoked Salmon fit for a Queen!


When you are asked to taste test smoked salmon you really do have to say yes. But when you are asked to taste smoked salmon from a traditional family business based in Scotland (the home of smoked salmon) and purveyors to Her Majesty the Queen, then that has to be a hell yes! That’s the lucky … [Read more...]

World’s Best Bacon Sandwich!!

If there has ever been the perfect match of 2 ingredients to make something truly amazing, then it has to be bread + bacon = bacon sandwich! I don’t know why but whenever I smell bacon cooking I can hear the voice of Chris Tarrant in his Tiswas days screaming “This is what they want!”. (For … [Read more...]

The Five a Day Rule

The five a day rule says that everyone should eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Just to clarify, that is five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables combined, not five of each one. By following this rule, you can ensure that your kids are getting all the nutrients they … [Read more...]