Kenwood Chef Review

The Kenwood Chef looks and feels great!

When I was contacted to review the Kenwood Chef by Argos, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this classic kitchen device. When I opened the box it was there in all its glory. It looked different to the ones I remember, the use of quality plastics and shiny white finish means its look and feel … [Read more...]

Man vs. dessert

photo credit: chotda via photopin cc

I got a bit of a gripe today. When I go out for a nice meal, the type where you have got dressed up and are rather excited about as opposed to the one where you can’t be bothered to cook at home, I like to have a few more than my usual courses. It is a treat after all. At dessert time even though … [Read more...]

Chocolate Truffle with Coffee Cream

Chocolate Truffle with Coffee Cream

Serves 6-8 Ingredients 150g plain chocolate 115g creamed coconut 50g unsalted butter 250g finely chopped ready to eat dried pineapple 200g crushed shortbread biscuits 300ml double cream 2tbs rum 1tbs instant coffee granules 450ml single cream Method Line a 900g loaf pan with non-stick … [Read more...]

Plum and Ginger Crumble

plum & ginger crumble

Plum & ginger crumble with gingered cream - serves 4 Heat oven to 180C Ingredients 500g ripe plums 2 knobs preserved ginger 150g soft breadcrumbs [brioche for example] 75g demerara sugar 75g butter 150ml double cream 1-2 tbs of ginger syrup Method Halve and stone ripe … [Read more...]

Chewy walnut fingers


preheat oven 180C Ingredients 75g plain flour 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda 140g soft brown sugar1tsp vanilla extract 2 large egg whites 75g broken walnuts 50g chocolate chips Method Sieve flour and bicarbonate of soda together Put sugar, vanilla extract and egg whites into … [Read more...]