Garject Garlic Press – Review

The Garject Garlic Press

I do like a kitchen gadget but only if they work as well as the traditional implement they are designed to replace and offer something a little more. The other day a parcel arrived (it was close to my birthday so I was expecting lots presents!), I eagerly opened it and found a new kind of … [Read more...]

Get ready for Christmas: part 1

Cranberry and raspberry relish

Simple Good Food recipe and some pre-Christmas recipes for the freezer These basics for Christmas - brandy, butter, bread sauce, bacon-wrapped sausages, cranberry sauce and homemade stuffing - can all be made in advance and frozen. Here are some other ideas using Christmas ingredients and to help … [Read more...]

Chewy walnut fingers


preheat oven 180C Ingredients 75g plain flour 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda 140g soft brown sugar1tsp vanilla extract 2 large egg whites 75g broken walnuts 50g chocolate chips Method Sieve flour and bicarbonate of soda together Put sugar, vanilla extract and egg whites into … [Read more...]

Why Gift Hampers Are a Great Gifting Idea?

What’s great about gift hampers? Well for a start they contain themed combinations of goodies, so when you send them off to your recipient they’ll bear all the hallmarks of a gift you have really thought about. Sending wine selected to go with a collection of good cheeses, for example, makes the … [Read more...]