There’s more than one way to make a curry

Looks and tastes amazing!

Sometimes doing something different is a good thing. Over the weekend my partner and I made a curry, and we decided on using okra for the main dish. I would automatically make a curry with onions as the base, however my partner (who is Indian) doesn’t. Of course this isn’t the first time … [Read more...]

BBQ Season Part 4 – Make your own barbecue sauce

Dive in and get messy!

After last weeks dry rub recipe, this week we will tackle BBQ sauce. Sure, you can get an untold amount of bottle sauces in shops and supermarkets now, but there is real kudos if you can make your own delicious, sticky sauce. I guarantee your BBQ guests will be super impressed! As you will … [Read more...]

BBQ Season Part 3 – How to marinate ribs

Crisp outside, fall off the bone moist inside!

There is nothing quite like BBQ ribs, succulent flavoured meat on the bone. In the USA ribs are a stalwart of BBQ competitions, and there are many rib recipes and variations. There are two methods to marinating ribs, wet or dry. Wet is the sticky BBQ sauce which we are more familiar with here … [Read more...]