What meal do you miss?

Yes burgers are good...

No I don’t mean skipping breakfast, I’m talking about the meal you can’t do without. As I pondered writing this post there were so many meals I love but it’s the ones that when I don’t have them for a few days/weeks they become an itch I need to scratch that I wanted to pin down. I mean I … [Read more...]

Cowley Manor – Review


I recently visited Cowley Manor in Gloucestershire with my partner Sarupa for a mini break. This stately hotel and spa is famous for offering luxury nestled in the beautiful British countryside,  and such a wonderful location it is I wasn't surprised to learn that Cowley Manor is supposedly where … [Read more...]

Walkers new Market Deli crisps!

People couldn't keep there hands off!

It’s not often you get excited about a new range of crisps, but when it’s Walkers creating a quality range of snacks you have to sit up and pay attention. Like most people in the country I’m a fan of Walkers classic range of crisps, so when they invited me to an evening to launch their new … [Read more...]

Sunday Roast

Moist and tasty!

There’s nothing like a Sunday roast. It’s always been the traditional family meal of the week and is a British institution. So when I was looking for a joint of meat to roast I decided to try something that’s cheap and make it delicious. I found a lovely turkey breast roasting joint for under … [Read more...]

McDonald’s New York Classic – review

Meet the New York Classic

This week the McDonald’s ‘Taste of America’ burger is the New York Classic. Described on their website as ‘100% beef patty, bacon, ketchup, mustard, red onions, cool mayo, shredded lettuce and cheese. All in a chilli, chive and sesame-topped bun’ it’s good to see they haven’t gone for crispy … [Read more...]