BBQ Season Part 2: Barbecue chicken

Buffalo wings

Created in Buffalo, New York these barbecue chicken wings are a staple dish in the USA and beloved by Super Bowl watchers across the nation. It’s a simple but delicious barbecue chicken recipe, blending the spicy heat of fermented chilli peppers into a rich clingy sauce which just goes so … [Read more...]

BBQ Season Part 1: Burgers

A real burger!

Now that summer has seemed to have finally reared its head in this Great Britain of ours and across the Northern Hemisphere, the smell of lit BBQs is filling the air down almost every street. Men across the country who would never usually dream of cooking will push everyone out of the way to get a … [Read more...]

Naga lamb curry – recipe

Enjoy! (Yogurt required)

This recipe uses the Naga Jolokia chilli (the clues in the name!) otherwise known as the Ghost pepper. For those that don’t know, the Naga chilli is the hottest chilli on the planet. To put that in perspective it is over 400 times hotter than Tabasco! This means the dish I am about to … [Read more...]

Ultimate turkey chilli recipe

Ultimate turkey chilli!

I recently posted my recipe for turkey burgers and I got such a great reaction, turkey is back on the menu! So I’m sharing with you my ultimate turkey chilli recipe. You will notice it’s similar to my basic Texas chilli, but here I call for canned smoked chipotles. There is something about the … [Read more...]

Easy Asian salmon

Simple Asian Salmon

The other day I decided to get some salmon. I haven’t had salmon in a while and as I was having a healthy diet in support of my partner Sarupa, I grabbed some in the supermarket as a little addition to the veggie stir fry pack she had bought. As I really had to cook the salmon in an Asian … [Read more...]