Pea Soup with mascapone


This recipes makes about 1.5 litres and serves 6.  Peas are a great cheat mate. Ingredients 800 ml chicken or vegetable stock 1 kg of frozen petit pois Sea salt and freshly ground pepper Small handful of fresh mint, finely chopped 6 dollops of mascapone[150g approx] Method Bring … [Read more...]

Cream of Courgette and Coconut Soup

A quick, tasty and easy soup. Ingredients 600 g courgettes 1 onion 50ml olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1.5ltre water salt and pepper 1 small can coconut milk 60g Philadelphia cheese  Method fry off the chopped courgettes with the onion and garlic in the olive … [Read more...]

The Simplest Vegetable Soup?


This recipe is one I remember from childhood; I've always enjoyed its very simplicity - of taste and in making. Made up of equal-ish volumes of potatoes, swede and carrots - cut into small pieces, then boiled together and then simmered to mashable consistency - season as you like, and that's … [Read more...]

Soup, glorious Soup

  It's not been as cold as I expected after Christmas but even so, soup is a great filler.  At this time of year there's also the implication of post-Festival expenses and feeding the  family can be a concern.  So warming the cockles of the heart and feeding the soul with healthy homemade … [Read more...]