Smackerel Paté: a big surprise for Canada

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When I was in Ontario earlier this year I was invited to some friends’ home for a long weekend and as is the custom over there, all invitees were to prepare a contribution towards meals. Living in England which has good access to salt water fish I thought I would take the easy route and make some … [Read more...]

Tourtière: a Canadian Christmas comfort food

Wakefield Dec 08

Like so many old recipes that have evolved from generations of families and friends, the Canadian Tourtière - originating from the French-speaking province of Québec - is one which can be interpreted in many ways. Essentially, it’s a savoury pie. Ordinarily it contains a variety of minced or … [Read more...]

14 great uses for coffee filters: had you ever thought of these?

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Did you know that the humble coffee filter bag could be so incredibly useful? Neither did I. But here are some great ideas about their value in all sorts of culinary and non-culinary uses, sent to me by my lovely cousin Alyson in Canada. Sadly the original author of these is unknown, but whoever you … [Read more...]