Aloo Gobi – Potato & Cauliflower Curry [video]

Aloo Gobi

This classic Indian vegetable dish is so well loved I just had to share my version of Aloo Gobi in this (my first ever!) video. There are some tips and tricks in this video which will help you make the best tasting Aloo Gobi you've ever made! Ingredients ½ Large Cauliflower 1 Large … [Read more...]

My weekend food workout – Homemade Paneer

paneer food workout

Paneer is a fresh Indian curd cheese. It’s a great ingredient for curry or it can be cooked at high heat in a tandoor, under a grill or on the barbeque. It does sound a bit daunting making your own cheese, but it’s really quite straightforward. I made mine plain but you can flavour the cheese … [Read more...]

My weekend food workout!

spring roll

This was what I was working on when it came to food this weekend. Delicious vegetarian spring rolls. It's always good to try something new, and this weekend as I was making a Chinese feast I decided to get frying! The mix for these spring rolls was made from carrot, spring onion, bamboo shoots, … [Read more...]

Mes Amis – Review

Bazaar of the bizarre!

Always on the lookout for interesting restaurants, I came across Mes Amis. Without it’s own website I could only find out what to expect by looking up reviews, which all seemed to point to a unique dining experience with great food. So myself and my partner Sarupa booked a table for Saturday … [Read more...]

Easy Vegetarian BBQ Food Recipes


We are near to the end of the BBQ season here in the UK and in this last instalment we will be looking at vegetables. Lots of vegetarians I know buy those 'fake' meat products made to look like burgers or sausages but I don’t really get it. Vegetables by themselves offer a varied and hearty meal … [Read more...]