We are used to bedazzling ourselves with gold jewelry, but have you ever thought of bedazzling your food with gold? Most people don’t know that certain gold is actually commonly used in certain gourmet cooking and baking. The use of gold flakes to adorn food has been around for many centuries, starting with the aristocrats in Italy during the 16 Century.   Follow Me on Pinterest

Gold comes in many different carats, the higher the carat the more pure the gold is. Generally speaking, edible gold is made of only the purest form of gold, making even a small jar of gold flakes very pricey. For jewelry purposes, gold is mixed with metals such as copper or silver, however for food purposes, the gold must only be mixed with pure silver (also edible). Our stomachs are not able to digest gold very well and gold has no nutritional value at all, so the use of gold flakes is purely for the presentation of the food.

If you’ve had a swig of Goldschlager, you’ve probably ingested gold in your lifetime! The German liquor holds about .1 grams of gold flakes within a 750 mL bottle. Besides Goldschalger, gold flakes care commonly used for decorating baked goods. A little sprinkle of gold flakes can spruce up any cake, biscuit, or cookie. Because gold flakes are usually made of pure gold, one gram of gold flakes can end up costing you anywhere between $130-$180.

Follow Me on Pinterest Gold leafs are another form of edible gold décor. They are however pretty insubstantial and hard to work with; steady hands are a must. Unlike gold flakes, gold leafs are used to cover an entire cake, or cutting pieces out of it if you are ambitious. You can also find possible patterns and try cutting them out with your gold sheet.

Basically, gold flakes and gold leafs can be used in any form of cooking. In fact in the early 90’s an Italian man baked a pizza pie worth over 2,000 Euros—one of the toppings was gold flakes. Gold flakes have been sprinkled on a variety of foods such as sushi, sashimi, ice cream, pork roast and basically anything you can imagine. For extreme gold buyers who have the money to spend, you can even buy gold pills (no medicinal value or benefit)! Splurge and buy gold flakes for any special occasion. Using gold in your food is a great and easy way to spruce up any plain old dish or baked good. Though you probably shouldn’t use gold flakes on a regular basis (unless you have indispensable money), it’s great for special occasions such as wedding cakes.

Author bio: Working at The Gold Standard, dependable cash for gold New York, Emilie has an extensive knowledge of the multiple uses of gold.  In her free time, she loves to find new and interesting facts and uses for gold.

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