I love Chocolate

Chocolate – this could be a promotional blog!

Yes, I admit I am a chocoholic. I love Chocolate.

I have tried to wean myself off the delicious sweet but to no avail, and despite being diabetic I find that I still crave and enjoy this black gold. Chocolate.

I started off just buying and eating commercially produced chocolate which of course has all sorts of additives added to the manufacturing process. And Processed Sugar.

We all need chocolate, and we need chocolate for different reasons. Perhaps it is an addiction, maybe just a comfort or perhaps it’s because chocolate really does have mood enhancing properties and can elevate our feelings. As I have episodes of depression too I know that it has magical properties which can help lift the clouds. And don’t forget that healthy chocolate can actually have flavanoids and antioxidants which are really good for you.

After being diagnosed with diabetes I explored different options on the chocolate front. I realized I couldn’t keep eating mild, white and commercial chocolate on a daily basis if I was to value my health. So what was the option?

First of all I explored the Xocai, healthy chocolate. Safe to say I lost a small fortune and was unsuccessful in building an MLM business but I did like the chocolate and found that the benefits of some of the products were true! THE NUGGETTS in particular were delicious. Hold them in your cheek and let them melt in your mouth, absolutely scrumptious. Xoçai™ Nuggets, are an high cocoa content (70% Cocoa) chocolate combining the exotic flavors of dark chocolate with Açai and Blueberries.

Four Great Reasons to eat raw Chocolate:

1. Tons of antioxidants

2. Packed full of minerals

3. Chocolate makes you feel good, raw chocolate makes you feel amazing

4. Great for those with dietary considerations


After running out of power-squares I ventured out and was fortunate to discoverCocoa Loco. Crazy about chocolate [and don’t forget – so am I] this was definitely worth exploring. A private tour of their small factory and the opportunity to buy wholesale, what more do I want? Armed with chocolate buttons I was confident I had a ‘supply’ to last me a few months [who was I kidding – weeks, at the most].

Realizing that raw chocolate had so many more health benefits and was better for me than the high content of high volume commercially prepared chocolate I was interested to read more from our very own FOTB Dan Knowlson. Elements of Life – hmmph. I know I need to eat chocolate to survive so I guess it is one of my daily essentials. Dan’s blog has been interesting reading and I’ve followed his contributions on Facebook, so didn’t need any persuasion to buy his basic chocolate making kit.

Ordering was rather complicated, well the website and I both got confused but the box of contents that arrived within 2 days was just as described and included easy instructions on how to make my first chocolates.


I did half-quantities and made my first batch of heart nuggets which lasted all of three days.

I can’t wait to experiment with additional flavours and centres. I’ve shared [reluctantly I might add] the chocolates with my family, friends and partner. Everyone has said how delicious they are, if anything they are too good and too big! The 2nd batch are cooling in the fridge waiting for me to taste.

Would I go back to buying commercial chocolate?

No doubt I will be tempted again elsewhere in the future but at the moment I want to be addicted to making my own chocolates. It’s SO EASY. So quick and the results are DELICIOUS.

Also I use chocolate in many different ways; in recipes as well as just for a quick boost to the old Serotonin, Tryptophan and Dopamine [mood enhancing nutrients] and it seems that raw chocolate is not just wonderful to eat but it could be fun to play with too.

PS: As I am allergic to chilli, I have not used chilli with the chocolate but am told that it is a partnership made in heaven.

Lynn Tulip is a career management and HR professional running her own HR consultancy. Her passion is working with individuals, helping them rekindle their work passion. Apart from loving food and fitness, she enjoys her ever growing family. Find her online or follow her @LynnTulip and @A4P_HR

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Lynn Tulip is a career management and HR professional running her own HR consultancy. Her passion is working with individuals, helping them rekindle their work passion. Apart from loving food and fitness, she enjoys her ever growing family. Find her online or follow her @LynnTulip and @A4P_HR

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  1. Thank you for your recommendations, Lynn.I’m not sure about a follow up with ‘raw chilli’ though!

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention Lynn and we’re pleased to say our website is improving all the time, so should be less confusing now!

    Chilli and chocolate does goes particularly well together but if you’re allergic then there’s plenty of other fab combinations to try

  3. Cool info.
    Sorry to hear you are allergic to chilies. I’ve never heard that one. All chilies, I wonder?

    Yep, just a hint of cayenne in some hot chocolate can intensify the flavor of the chocolate and make it rich and lovely.

    Just found your blog.
    I’m your newest follower.
    Dana recently posted..Do You Have a Grown-Up Home? My Little Secret.My Profile

    • Hi Angelika – I have had a ‘BAD’ morning and it’s only 09.15 so just made a batch of chocolate to relieve the stress! Do make some more ;)
      Lynn recently posted..Keywords for CV / ResumeMy Profile

  4. Lynn,
    Do you have chocolate recipes on your site? How do I find them? I want to try and make my own too!
    Thanks, Jennifer
    Jennifer recently posted..Irish oatmealMy Profile

  5. I do it all the time. I mix odds and ends and also I don’t like straight milk or dark.

    • Thanks for stopping by!



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