What is I with junk food that makes it so appealing? I’m not just talking about those international fast food chains which the term junk food is most associated with, I mean low quality products that you cook at home…like the meat pie.

Let’s take the humble meat pie. Pies and pasties have been enjoyed by all throughout the ages, but they do end to have more of an association with the ‘working classes’, pie and mash shops, the miners Cornish pasty, meet pie and chips from the local chippy, pie on the stands at a football match, etc. This means they were never meant to be a luxury food more a way to make something delicious from cheap cuts of meat.

Strange that now we would rather seek out a ‘better’ version of the classic pie, free range, organic, high meat content, gluten free, lower fat or snappier brand.

The thing about the pie is that it is comfort food. A hot and tasty convenience food which contains something you can’t simply make better…memories.

That’s right it’s the taste of those old low quality pies that you hold dear to your heart. Like an old friend, reliable and always there.

I popped down to my local supermarket and picked up the cheapest mince beef and onion pie I could find. For just 60p (on offer) I had my prize! I must admit I haven’t eaten a pie like this in quite some time, but I was surprised at my air of excitement as the aroma wafted from the oven…a bit like finding an old childhood toy…great memories.

It did make me chuckle as I was reminded me of my time in Sydney, Australia where although the meat pie is an institution it is also known affectionately as a ‘rats coffin’.

Serving it up an essential blob of tomato ketchup was the only accompaniment needed, as this is how I grew up eating them.

The pie fully lived up to my expectations, it delivered the smell, flavour and texture that transported me back to many happy times.

Modern healthy living means the meat pie isn’t a guilty pleasure I would pursue every day, but having sampled one for the first time in a while it’s made me realise it’s not just simple junk food but a very affordable treat.

Are you a meat pie lover? Remember to tell me your meat pie stories in the comments below!

Michael Robinson

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