So did you get something foodie for Christmas? Either a bottle of flavoured oil which seemed to pop up every Christmas when I was a kid, or maybe you got a new kitchen gadget?

Shiny and new...for now Follow Me on Pinterest

Shiny and new…for now

For me I only got two kitchen based presents stuffed into my stocking a potato ricer and a “molecular gastronomy” kit.

Now as I mentioned in a previous post I am more than a little sceptical about kitchen gadgets which seem to do little other than add clutter to my already filled to the brim kitchen. So why would I need this? I already have two traditional potato mashers (one metal and one plastic for different pans), so how on earth will a ricer change my life?

Well the proof of the pudding and all that, I just had to make some mashed potato!

I boiled up some tatties, drained them and got my ricer at the ready. Now I’m pretty good at mashing out the lumps when I make mashed potato, but it does take a bit of time and effort to work it through. Squeezing down hard on the handles of my sparkly new ricer I watched with joy as the potato was obliterated into tiny strands filling the pan with the added air that had been added by the ricer.

Adding splash of good quality rapeseed oil and milk with a pinch of salt and white pepper, I plunged my masher into the pan and within seconds I was rewarded with luxuriously smooth mashed potato.

When I say smooth I mean seriously smooth. I’m not sure I could have achieved that without mashing for several hours. There was nothing remotely lump like in the whole pan.

So thank you Father Christmas, I am now a convert to the ricer. It may take up valuable real estate in my kitchen, but its ease of use and speediness make it a worthwhile gadget to own.

If you don’t have one give them a try, especially if like me you are a mashed potato fan!

More on that “molecular gastronomy” kit soon!

So did you get any weird or wonderful gadgets for Christmas? Do you love it or just wonder “why?

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