There’s nothing like a Sunday roast. It’s always been the traditional family meal of the week and is a British institution.

Moist and tasty! Follow Me on Pinterest

Moist and tasty!

So when I was looking for a joint of meat to roast I decided to try something that’s cheap and make it delicious. I found a lovely turkey breast roasting joint for under £5 and thought I would use other cheap meats to jazz it up a bit.

Back in the kitchen I took out my turkey roast and the 2 sausages and 2 slices of black pudding which I got from the butchers counter and cost me around £2. I went for sausages over sausage meat as they give you much better quality.

In a bowl I squeezed out the sausage meat from the skins and broke up the black pudding slices.

Then it was a simply case of mashing them together well with a fork. You want to get it really combined well so you don’t have big chunks of black pudding. You want those flavours to completely blend together.

The roasting joint had elastic string holding it together which is perfect to take of so you can ‘stuff’ the joint. It wasn’t so much stuffing as adding a thick layer of my sausage and black pudding mix and pushing it into every available crevice.

Carves up beautifully! Follow Me on Pinterest

Carves up beautifully!

I then gave the skin a thorough rub of good quality rape seed oil and salted it well. Then I popped it in oven dish skin side down and cooked for around half an hour at 180C then flipped it onto the sausage side and cooked it for another half hour.

It worked fantastically well with the black pudding flavour balancing wonderfully with the turkey.

You can try using different sausages, lamb merguez sausage works brilliantly and gives your Sunday roast an exotic twist!

Please remember to share any Sunday roast tips in the comments below.

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