Let’s hear it for…the onion!

photo credit: brizzle born and bred via photopin cc

Yes, after a recent post about foods people don’t like, it seemed only fair to look at food which we simply cannot do without. My kitchen always has a good selection of vegetables in stock (or being turned into stock ;) ), but there is one type of vegetable which if I don’t have then "kitchen, we … [Read more...]

The Streets of Spain…In London!


It’s not every day that one of the world’s most vibrant and famous food markets goes on tour! In fact it is the first time that market stall holders from The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria – better known just as La Boqueria – have come to London from Barcelona. For 3 days this weekend part … [Read more...]

Spanish Style Chorizo Stew

Chorizo stew

I love chorizo! Good chorizo, that is, with lots of flavour and none of the gristly bits of the poorer quality ones! This is a yummy rich stew which is ready in about 20 mins. I like it on it's own but it's good on a base of couscous, saffron flavoured rice or quinoa too. Make sure you buy all … [Read more...]

Cajun Style “Surf and Turf”

Cajun Style Surf & Turf (1)

I love the combination of flavours in Cajun cooking and this mixture of spices and herbs creates a pretty authentic version. Cajun food comes primarily from New Orleans and takes it's unique style and flavour from all the different nationalities that have ruled the area over the years. There is a … [Read more...]

Creative Canapes – Quick, Easy Ways to Impress!


Canapes are ideal for stylish entertaining without taking a lot of time and effort. They need to look nice, taste nice (well d'uh!) and be easy to eat. These are healthy too. So much more impressive than opening a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa. These are a few of my favourites which … [Read more...]