Michael is editor and main foodie writer on Food on the Blog!

“A Londoner born and bred I am a self-taught cook with an obsession for all things food. my michael eating chinese Follow Me on Pinterest

Having been brought up on good solid British cuisine and been lucky enough to have eaten in hundreds of restaurants all over the World eating every type of food imaginable, I have strived to learn how to perfect my favourite global dishes in the home kitchen.

My passion is to share this knowledge with fellow foodies who love to cook, eat and be merry!

Since leaving the corporate World to focus on this dream I now run www.foodontheblog.co.uk and love that I get to share my passion with you!

There are some very exciting plans so stay connected and come back here often…share your thoughts, your ideas and your recipes too!

When not cooking, eating or writing about food, I am an avid and eclectic music fan and enjoy driving high performance American cars (I love a V8…and I’m not talking about the juice drink!).”

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