I’ve grown up enjoying Baxters fantastic range of soups and know them well, so I was interested to hear about a new range called Deli Toppers. Baxters have been making pickled and preserved products for years and the Deli Toppers are a culmination of that experience, created to give a convenient way of garnishing various foods with a distinct burst of flavour.

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Spicy Slaw

As you can imagine there are lots of recommended ways to serve these products, but I wanted to taste them all in the same way and for me it had to be something that needs, and can take, a good jazzing up – the humble hotdog.

First up we have Spicy Slaw which has a really interesting flavour, slightly exotic with a little mild heat in the background.

Sweet and crisp this would be the perfect accompaniment to a Bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich).

The word slaw makes me think creamy and I wondered how this would work mixed with a touch of mayonnaise…

I’m pleased to say surprisingly well!

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Red Onion

On your first taste you immediately know the Red Onion is going to be seriously versatile, its sweet oniony flavour will compliment just about anything.

I can definitely see this joining me at Christmas with a cheese and cold meats plate. It’s essentially a sweet, mildly pickled onion with a bit of tang and plenty of crunch.

They call it Red Slaw (main picture) but for me is more like a relish with a bit more texture. This again would go amazingly well with a cheese plate but I would try it with sandwiches, sausage and mash and most absolutely on a burger. It just has that flavour which doesn’t lean one way or the other and stays neutral enough to match and enhance many things without becoming a takeover. This was my favourite of the bunch.

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As for the Jalapenos well what can I say, it’s pickled chilli with a lovely kick of heat. This of course goes well with anything which demands a little heat, but don’t just think nachos how about trying it with cheese on toast.

The next time I make a beef chilli I’m going to chop up 5-6 pieces and add them in. I recommend you do too as that little bit of acid will add a whole new dimension of flavour.

You can find out more about the new range and get inspired with some recipe ideas here www.delitoppers.com or find them in the pickles and sauces aisle in supermarkets.

A good thing is I found none of the Deli Topper range to be overly vinegary which is something I know can put people off, I really did enjoy them all and certainly have my favourites. One thing I do like (and I’m sure you will too) is that they come in a smaller sized jar, so are easily finished before you end up consigning them to the fridge with all those other old bottles. What do I mean? Go look in your fridge, how long have they been there for! 😉

Remember to tell me in the comments below on whether you have tried Deli Toppers or if you have a great way I could try them.

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