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It is all about good food

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It is all about good food




Good food, good company.. good recipes. You can find all this, and more at Food on the Blog.

Michael Robinson was a foodie before it was trendy to have a passion for food, cooking and nutrition. He’s met and worked with many famous chefs (yes, that’s Aldo in the photo) and here he share some of his favourite recipes for you to try.

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Hungry to eat real food? I hear you. Have you noticed how beige food has become over the years? Food on the Blog is about real food, made with local products. Some recipes are packed with flavour and spice, others are for new foodies to start with. No matter where you are in your foodie journey you’ll love what you find on Food on the Blog

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In Awe of the BBQ

As you know I love to BBQ and I live for those days here in the UK when sunshine reigns instead of rain raining, the BBQ trundles out of its winter home and finally I get to light it up and on the hottest days of the year stand in front of a huge charcoal fire....

Spanish Tortilla Recipe

One of Spain’s most famous dishes is as simple to make as it is delicious. Pretty much anywhere in Spain that serves tapas will serve either their, or a regional version of, the Spanish tortilla. It’s a great example of when what’s served in front of you is way more...

Gorgonzola & Walnut Pasta Recipe

This easy recipe is tasty and just a little luxurious. Now blue cheese and walnuts are not just for Christmas, that’s right you can get them all year round…so why not go crazy and make this gorgonzola & walnut pasta 🙂 I have added spinach into my recipe as I like the...

Lamb Keema Matar Recipe

I like it spicy and I like it simple and this easy lamb keema matar recipe is both. With just a few ingredients you can make a proper curry just like you get at your local Indian. I’ve seen a few recipes for this dish online which I feel go way overboard on...

Butternut Squash & Ricotta Lasagne Recipe

There are some dishes that everyone seems to love and there are also vegetarian dishes which meat eaters find sooo delicious that they don’t feel they are missing out. My butternut squash & ricotta lasagne falls into both of these categories. I’ve been making this...

Jamaican Curry Recipe

Jamaican food seems to be gaining in popularity here in the UK, and rightly so. We love spice and have a taste for the exotic so much so it’s a curry which has become the nation’s favourite dish. My Jamaican curry recipe is healthy, delicious and easy to make. I chose...