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It is all about good food

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It is all about good food




Good food, good company.. good recipes. You can find all this, and more at Food on the Blog.

Michael Robinson was a foodie before it was trendy to have a passion for food, cooking and nutrition. He’s met and worked with many famous chefs (yes, that’s Aldo in the photo) and here he share some of his favourite recipes for you to try.

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Hungry to eat real food? I hear you. Have you noticed how beige food has become over the years? Food on the Blog is about real food, made with local products. Some recipes are packed with flavour and spice, others are for new foodies to start with. No matter where you are in your foodie journey you’ll love what you find on Food on the Blog

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This Week’s Specials…


Wyld at Dandelyan Review – Afternoon Tea Week

Next week (14th – 20th August to be precise) is Afternoon Tea Week, aah afternoon tea…As British as talking about Brexit, getting rained on at Wimbledon or getting knocked out of the World Cup… It’s decadent and classy just like me, fitting then that Red Letter Days...

How to make Coleslaw

You may have noticed one of the pictures in my Southern Fried Chicken recipe shows said chicken with a dollop of ‘slaw, it goes perfectly with the chicken and as a side at your next BBQ so I’m going to show you how to make coleslaw.  It’s so simple it’s not really a...

Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

This is Southern fried chicken and I’m not going to mention colonels or Kentucky…OK I just did and I would be lying if I didn’t set out to mimic that world famous brand of fried chicken. I looked up lots of recipes online to see the direction I should go and found...

Growing Herbs at Home

I know I have written about growing herbs at home before but I thought it was high time I updated you on this years (hopefully) bumper crop. This year my prized herb is Thai basil. Exotic I know, but I actually picked the plant up cheap from a supermarket as a...

In Awe of the BBQ

As you know I love to BBQ and I live for those days here in the UK when sunshine reigns instead of rain raining, the BBQ trundles out of its winter home and finally I get to light it up and on the hottest days of the year stand in front of a huge charcoal fire....

Spanish Tortilla Recipe

One of Spain’s most famous dishes is as simple to make as it is delicious. Pretty much anywhere in Spain that serves tapas will serve either their, or a regional version of, the Spanish tortilla. It’s a great example of when what’s served in front of you is way more...