Everyone loves Italian food so when I was approached by Artimondo to try a tempting trio of Calabrian preserves produced by Sirianni, a family business founded by Agostino Sirianni in 1999 and located in Cittanova, a small hamlet south of the Aspromonte mountains, in the province of Reggio Calabria (Italy) I jumped at the chance. These are a range of pates and condiments which have a whole host of uses, adding interesting new flavours to your antipasto and beyond!

First up is their confettura di cipolla. This is essentially classic onion marmalade with added Italian flair. It gives you a really sweet and deliciously intense oniony flavour. This is obviously a perfect partner to cheese and cold meats but I would be more than happy to use this across a wide variety of foods from a falafel wrap to sausage and mash.

The next jar I tried was pate d’aglio e pepperoncino it’s a mildly spicy garlic condiment, something I have not had or heard of before. It’s interesting and tasty but I don’t think is has the versatility of the other two, although I would love to be proved wrong! The one thing that sprang into my mind is that it would work well thrown onto a plate of plain spaghetti with a few flicks of grated parmesan for a quick meal that would excite the taste buds.

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Meaty, soft & spicy!

I deliberately saved this one for last. I knew I was going to love it. The Spilinga Nduja spicy salami sausage spread is a similar product to one a large upmarket pizza chain uses as a spicy, exotic way to give a big hit of heat.

This super-soft Italian cured sausage with a chilli kick is something this spice lover cannot get enough of.

As well as pizzas this again could be easily be used in a pasta dish, but only if it last that long. I could go through this jar in about two minutes with just a piece of good bread and a bottle of red wine as accompaniments!

This trio of typical Calabrian preserves is available from www.artimondo.co.uk so why not give them a try and add step things up a gear next time you’re making Italian food.

Remember to tell me in the comments below if you try any of these, I would love to know what you think!

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