The end of summer…depressing isn’t it? Nah of course it’s not! Especially when it means that garden produce you have been tending all year finally (and literally) comes to fruition. This week at Food on the Blog gardens we have aubergines…lovely ripe aubergines.

OK so they aren’t going to win any country show prizes, but the fact we have managed to grow aubergines in the UK is prize enough for me. As this is the first year we have tried growing these I think it is thanks in part, or maybe in full, to the blistering Mediterranean heatwave which has blessed the garden with buckets of sunshine whilst I added the buckets of water.

Hopefully this year won’t be a one-off for growing aubergines, and not just because I want that amazing weather back, but because they are delicious! With their slightly tougher skin and much more prominent seeds than the shop bought variety, my home grown ones are sweeter and taste a like more ‘real’.

All to do now is figure out what to make with them. Curry maybe? An obvious choice for me as a curry lover but I really wanted to let the aubergines wonderful flavour shine through and not stifle them with too many spices.

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Gotta Love Lasagna!

After a bit of head scratching we decided on a lasagne, giving the aubergines a chance to shine and giving us a good, hearty meal.

And what a meal it was! Rich aubergine and tomato sauce with even richer ricotta and parmesan layers topped with mozzarella and even more parmesan, we served it with a simple salad along with garlic bread to mop up the remaining sauce. It was a feast…A feast from the garden.

I can’t tell you how no matter how often I eat something I have home grown it gives me such a warm glow and sense of achievement. It make all that hard work through the summer worthwhile.

What have you grown this year? Remember to tell what you made with your garden produce in the comments below.

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