Get up, get ready and get out. You know what it’s like in the morning it’s rare to get a decent breakfast inside you before hitting the rush hour. That’s where belVita breakfast biscuits come in.

Designed as a replacement to your breakfast cereal they can be eaten on the hop, with or without that essential cup of morning coffee. I’m sure you have seen these around as they have been advertised on TV and are available in all major supermarkets, but have you tried them? As belVita sent me a few samples I’m here to tell you what I think.

Firstly let’s check out the packet, more specifically the nutritional information. I won’t go into detail (I’m not a scientist!), but what I can immediately see is the amount of energy packed into these little biscuits. Bulking up on carbs and sugars is not usually condoned, but in the morning these things are essential to launch you into the day.

We can see they have the ingredients needed to get your day off to a good start…

But what about the taste?

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Good Morning!

The Milk & Cereals biscuit is sweet with a satisfying crunch and just like a bowl of cereal it has a milky aftertaste! These may be the ‘plainest’ of the ones I got to try, but I enjoyed them as they are kind of reminiscent of bowls of cereal I used to have as a kid.

Next I tried the Honey & Nuts biscuits, they have the same crispy crunch but you get an instant deep taste of nuts (you can see the little pieces in the biscuit). These are tasty too and leave a little hint of honey as an aftertaste…nice 🙂

Finally the double whammy Strawberry & Live Yogurt, two plain biscuits (yes I nibble some of the edges for your benefit dear reader) sandwiching firm white yogurt with chunks of dried strawberry. The yogurt flavour was there but was quickly overcome by the strawberry, and I swear to God I had a moments when I could taste strawberry jam on toast!

For me they all tasted good but my personal favourite has to good to the Milk & Cereals for their ability to take me on a trip down memory lane.

At an RRP of between £2.59 and £2.79 a pack, they are well worth buying as a tasty, quick and easy way to have a decent breakfast which can be waiting for you in the cupboard for whenever you need them. No milk required.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits are available at all good supermarkets.

Be sure to remember to tell me about your favourite flavour in the comments below!

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