When it comes to breakfast sometimes I like to shun the coffee and go for something a little more British…a nice cup of tea. To go with my cuppa I love to pair it with toast slathered with the king of breakfast preserves – Marmalade. When I was asked to write a Duerr’s marmalade review I put a brew on and fired up the toaster…

Ah the smell of toast so indicative of morning time, combined with the anticipation of the kettle completing its water boiling duties, they conspire to tease you into the day with the promise of good things to come.

My toast popped out as I like it, well done thick white bread, then heavily buttered transforming the dry surface into something much more luxurious and ready for a heavy coating of Duerr’s classic thick cut Seville marmalade.

Breakfast can be a metaphor for life, the tea a once exotic beverage which has become the mundane and every day, the marmalade reminiscent of melancholic bitter sweet memories…

OK enough already! YES I love marmalade and unlike a certain bear I DO much prefer it on toast rather than sandwiches. I have tried many, many brands over the years and now it’s time to see how Duerr’s stacks up against the best of them.

Duerr’s Marmalade

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So what to look for in a good marmalade? Sweetness, orangey bitterness, a good firm texture from the cut peel (especially true of thick cut of course!) and finally how the combination of these work in harmony to become more than the sum of their parts.

Well the marmalade has a good strong colour and I’m glad to report a good strong flavour too. It has a delicious grapefruit like bitter sweetness with a deep solid orange taste. The sweetness is balanced wonderfully with those pithy orange bitters, the thick cut pieces of peel are present and noticeable but unobtrusive as they should be and add a bit of bite to the smooth texture. The flavour lingers in your mouth (even through the cup of tea!) and leaves you feeling warm and satisfied.

I think you can guess what Sunday morning will be like in my house this weekend, yes a nice cup of tea, the Sunday papers and more of that scrumptious Duerr’s marmalade on toast.

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Duerr’s Marmalade

Duerr’s is a family business and have been making jams and marmalades for the last 130 years so as you would expect they know a thing or two about preserves…

As time has moved on so has their brand, now they cater for more than  just your sweet tooth. You can check out their full range of products here.

As you can see in the pictures these new style marmalades come in a gorgeous new orange shaped jar which is worth the £1.99 RRP In itself!

Available in Tesco stores now.

Please remember to tell me about your favourite Duerr’s preserve in the comments below 🙂

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