It’s finally happened, Food on the Blog has published its first Kindle Book: Man Vs Fire (written by yours truly!) – Bringing together the best of barbecuing in one place. It is THE barbecue bible.

Our first recipe book! Follow Me on Pinterest

Our first recipe book!

As a reader here, I am giving you the heads up and insider information that you can grab this book for FREE! Yes you read that right. It’s free for 3 days, Friday Nov 29th till end of Sunday 1st December. Get it here:

I wrote this Kindle book to show you how you can easily create the most impressive and delicious barbecue recipes. Your friends and family will be left wanting more!

Go ahead and grab your free copy and if you love it please do review it over on Amazon…and oh do share the fact that it is free with your friends and community. Everyone loves news of a freebie after all.

In this Kindle Book you are going to learn how to make some all-time barbecue classic and favourites as well as some really easy to do and deliciously snazzy barbecue treats.

Man Vs Fire – your Kindle barbecue book!

If you know me and know this blog you will know you are going to get easy to follow recipes with easily sourceable ingredients.

Even if you believe that you aren’t good in the kitchen, I will teach you to become an expert at grilling on a barbecue.

So go ahead and click on the book cover below and grab your free copy of Man Vs Fire

Share your thoughts here and over on Amazon!

Remember it’s free: 3 days, Friday Nov 29th till end of Sunday 1st December.

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