You may have noticed one of the pictures in my Southern Fried Chicken recipe shows said chicken with a dollop of ‘slaw, it goes perfectly with the chicken and as a side at your next BBQ so I’m going to show you how to make coleslaw.  It’s so simple it’s not really a recipe, more a way of constructing a basic ‘slaw which you can then modify to your taste.

You could go really basic and use just cabbage and onion, but I feel carrot is essential adding colour, texture and of course taste. The other ingredients are adjustable to taste, not a mustard fan? Simply tone it down a bit.

Once you have made it a couple of times you will have it perfectly how you like it, a side with real crunch and depth of flavour, unlike those shop bought tubs…


Serves 2


  • ¼ x Red of white Cabbage
  • 1 x Small Red or White Onion
  • ½ x Medium size Carrot
  • 2 x Generous Tablespoons you favourite Mayonnaise
  • 1 x Teaspoon Dijon Mustard (or any mild mustard)
  • 1 x Capful of Cider or Wine Vinegar
  • 1 x Generous pinch of salt
  • 2 x Twists of Black Pepper (or a pinch of White Pepper)


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Simple ingredients

Trim your cabbage removing the stalk, we want leaf. Now slice as thinly as you can into pieces about 2-3 inches (5-7CM) long. Thinly slice your onion to the same thickness.

Grate your carrot lengthways so you get nice long strings. You don’t want to grate it on the short end and get little nibbly bits!

Place in a bowl and add your other ingredients and mix thoroughly making sure everything is combined well.

Now let is rest for at the very least 2 hours, overnight would be better. When you remember just give it a quick stir around while it’s resting.

You will notice after time the cabbage and onion will soften and the ‘slaw will become more ‘liquid’.

Give it a taste and adjust seasoning as required.

So what do you think? Delicious right!

Remember to tell me how you enjoyed this ‘slaw and whether you added your own twist to it in the comments below.

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