As you know I love to BBQ and I live for those days here in the UK when sunshine reigns instead of rain raining, the BBQ trundles out of its winter home and finally I get to light it up and on the hottest days of the year stand in front of a huge charcoal fire.

There’s something primeval about outdoor cooking, even in the luxury of your own backyard. Sure our ancestors didn’t have a can of beer, a nice glass of cold white or G&T in their hands as they spit roasted a chunk of woolly mammoth over an open fire, but I’m sure they looked in awe as we do at the sight, sound and smells of cooking with extreme heat.

The main picture above is actually my friends BBQ, he had some marinated tiger prawns (which were delicious) and I took over some of my Jerk Chicken which is always guaranteed to go down a treat. I love how the BBQ attracts everybody’s interest, everyone loves to have a nose at what’s cooking, it’s like a magnet, quite the opposite when you are cooing in the kitchen, then most people just want to steer clear.

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It’s that sense of awe and excitement that grabs us, maybe it’s just the fact it is not the usual way we cook, or maybe it is something much more deeply imbedded in us all.

Whatever it is it’s a wonderful thing. So what are you cooking on your BBQ this weekend? I plan to try some new things so I can share them here with you. An Asian twist comes to mind…watch this space…

If you want some inspiration, take a look through Food on the Blog or check out my best selling BBQ recipe book which is packed with some great classic BBQ recipes, meat, vegetables, sauces, it’s all there.

Whatever you do enjoy not just the food but the experience and that ancient connection with fire, sun, fresh air and great people.

Tell me what you cooked up in the comments below!

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