It’s been a weekend of indulgence in some parts of the world this weekend, many people like to antidote this by eating something a little lighter and can mean vegetarian food. Tofu is a great vegetarian ingredient but for some reason many people struggle with it.

People say it tasteless, which is sort of true but remember it’s up to you to add other bold flavours to your dish, others don’t like the texture.

When it comes to making tofu better there is a simple thing you can do. Fry it! That’s right this gives the tofu much more bite and gives it nutty flavour, making it much better than that white lump that plopped out of the pack.

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Looking better already!

I used tofu for a simple stir-fry, in a wok. I mention that because first off I fry my tofu in a regular frying pan, I want each side of my diced tofu to pick up a beautiful golden colour, harder to do in a wok.

Chop your block of tofu into nice bite sized pieces and add a little oil to your frying pan, put the pan on a medium heat and add the tofu.

After a couple of minutes give each piece a little push and if it’s ready to move turn it. Continue on all sides and repeat until you have lovely golden cubes.

Once done put to one side and get your other veggies and ingredients ready for your stir-fry and throw in your tofu pieces when ready. These pieces will not fall apart, something I know is quite annoying when trying to stir-fry tofu, also a great benefit of this method is the pieces will hold your sauce better.

Oh, and those fried pieces of tofu could also be kept in the fridge for a couple of days too.

So there you have it, why not give it a try you may be surprised and hopefully converted to the world of tofu!

Remember to tell me what you think of this method in the comment below. Did you try it? Did you like it?

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