Recently I wrote about going to an event tasting delicious Asiago cheese, I was again called on dear reader, this time to try a very different artisan product – Italian gin by Poli!

I know Italy isn’t known for its gin making, but as Poli gin is made by a top notch grappa maker in the north of Italy I had to give it a try right? Oh the things I have to do for this blog 😉

Not only was I going to be drinking a fair bit of gin, I would also be treated to a meal using both the Asiago cheese and Poli gin prepared by Alessandro Dal Degan, a Michelin star chef from the same region in Italy…

The location was the same as last time Manitoba Tigella Kitchen Bar in New Oxford Street, WC1, a restaurant which is becoming a bit of a champion when it comes to promoting Italy’s finest food and drink.

On arrival I was greeted with a wonderful Poli gin cocktail, with pomegranate and edible flowers it was a delicious way to start a warm summers evening in town. As we sampled the cocktail the story of Poli gin was explained, a romantic pursuit in the creation of a fine gin after the owner of the distillery was told by an Englishman that ‘Italians can’t do gin’…he took up the challenge.

Using their huge experience of making grappa along with the finest natural herbs and bitters, it was a long journey until they created a gin they were happy to call their own.

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Duck Ragu

The meal was fun as Chef Alessandro created the dishes in front of us, explaining his ethos and each ingredient as he went through the menu. From Asiago wrapped in a pancake to a wonderful duck ragu on toasted bread, all working up to a simple risotto of Asiago cheese finished with a misting of Poli gin…all very delicious.

I’m guessing if you are a gin fan you will have your favourites already, but why not give this new kid on the block a chance. It has a great depth of flavour and comes with a wonderful Italian spirit maker’s heritage. Now what could be better than that in your next G&T?

Simply search or Poli gin and find out how to get a bottle into your life!

Or why not pop down to Manitoba Tigella Kitchen Bar where you can get to sample Asiago cheese and Poli gin up until 9th July 2017.

Have you tried Poli gin already? Remember to tell me what you think in the comment below.

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