You know when you hear about a new idea and think “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” Well that’s just what happened to me the other day when I was contacted by Eat off the Menu.

They explained their concept and invited me down to try an exclusive Secret Dish…

The idea is simple…

You go to their website where you will find a selection of restaurants who each offer their own Secret Dish exclusively through Eat off the Menu. That’s right you will not find this dish on the menu at these restaurants, this is something exclusive…and special.

You see, each of the Secret Dishes has been created by each of the chefs to reflect their own love of food and to tell a culinary tale about their personal and professional experience in the world of food.

I love the idea as it gives people the chance to really get to know each chef via their food.

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My Secret Dish was to be at a restaurant in Maida Vale created by Head Chef Rasheed. His food influences come from all around the Mediterranean from North Africa, to Greece, Spain and beyond. Fusing these wide flung culinary techniques and flavours is second nature to him, he explained how since a very young man he has worked with food, learning the traditional and then creating new dishes as he was introduced to different cuisines.

His creation for Eat of the Menu is an inspired herb crusted lamb with a wonderful mix of Mediterranean vegetables and flavours which complement the meat perfectly. You have to take your time and think hard to separate out the different flavours that make up the dish, they of course all work together but you can definitely taste the vast array of influences at Rasheed’s disposal.

I would suggest you give Eat of the Menu a try, especially if you want to impress someone. Imagine sitting down at a table and shunning the menu telling your guest that we are eating off the menu tonight!

Check out their website to find out more and to find your Secret Dish

Remember to share in the comments below if you have tried a Secret Dish!

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