It’s always great to find new places in London, so I jumped at the chance to visit YUU Kitchen when they invited me to their launch party.

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What are YUU looking at?

Created by the owners of the Icebar, the concept is not entirely new but it’s a set-up I like – good beer and wines (even fizzy white wine on tap!), served along with small plates of Asian style tapas in a relaxed atmosphere.

From the bird cages hanging all over the ceiling to the unique manga-esque artwork adorning the walls that Asian influence in clear from the moment you walk in.

So to the food…

We tried a great variety of veggie, seafood and meat all with a definite Asian vibe and some with a leaning to fusion style. Take the Southern fried chicken in bao with kimchi – crispy butter milk chicken in a soft folded bao and kimchi was tasty but for me the kimchi didn’t have that hit of chilli spice that I crave and love about kimchi.

The vegetable spring rolls were great, the first plate we tried were a little light on seasoning, but the second plate that came round rectified this and the ingredients held within the crispy exterior really came to life!

To be honest the seasoning seemed to be hit and miss, but this was the launch party so there are bound to be a few teething problems.

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Just delicious!

A plate of steak turned up and it was absolutely spot on, soft and really tasty it left me wanting more. It went seriously well with a beer too!

We had a short talk from the owners as to how they operate. It was wonderful to hear how all the staff are included in the long term vision and success of YUU kitchen, they really are stakeholders in the business. I am pleased to say this method seems to really be working out for them as everyone, from chefs to the waiting staff, were amazing. Having a group of people working as a real team and being attentive and on the ball to everyone’s need is gold dust and much appreciated by all who attended the launch.

This is a great bar to sit down and chill with a few drinks and enjoy good tapas style Asian food, all just a few minutes’ walk from Aldgate station.

So give them a go, the staff are sincere and passionate about their new home – YUU Kitchen and I’m sure you will be too.

YUU Kitchen

29 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NE

Tel: 020 7377 0411

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